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ISH’s Own, Michelle Mariola, Featured in VoyageChicago

I was recently interviewed by VoyageChicago, an online media publication with its hand on the pulse of all things from events to influencers that blend Chicago’s cultural tapestry, to tell my story and the story of my business, ISH-Productions.

While I’m not the first entrepreneur to encourage others to follow their passion, I won’t be the last to acknowledge that a successful career is rarely the straight and narrow path up a corporate ladder. In truth, it’s better compared to a voyage (as the publication is coincidentally named) with storms and doldrums and winds that may seemingly blow you off course from your goals.

In fact, as discussed in the article, my diverse background has provided me with an all the larger toolbox upon which I rely when I partner with businesses to help build their brand and devise marketing strategies. Every experience, every hurdle, every change of direction has proven to be a building block of the platform that gives me an insightful perspective when tackling clients’ greatest challenges.

You can read the full article here.

Has your career voyage taken you in unexpected directions? Tell us about it in the comments below!



Michelle Mariola is founder & managing director of ISH-Productions, a Chicago-based branding and marketing company whose mission is to help emerging to mid-market companies develop their marketing strategies and brand identities as well as advancement through culture coaching, leadership development, workshopping, and team engagement exercised.

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