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Speaking Engagements

Jeff Mariola is an inspirational and authoritative speaker.

As a keynote, motivational, and transformational speaker, his topical versatility ranges from building high-performing cultures to personal brand building to breaking through the limits of your comfort zone in order to achieve extraordinary results.

A deeply moving storyteller, he inspires audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. But what sets him apart is that he comes from a place of experience. As a former CEO, Jeff brings 25 years of applied practice behind his delivery.

He develops his subjects by digging deep to explore the latest in research and insight from masterminds and thought leaders in positive psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Jeff then analyzes and transforms it into a highly engaging, memorable experience that leaves attendees motivated and driven to succeed.

Jeff’s insight extends to senior leadership, sales and human resource professionals and the nonprofit sector at conferences, retreats, corporate or sales kick-off events and associations. He customizes each presentation to the audience – reflecting the aims for the event (motivational, sales, leadership, management, and more).

Your company’s culture is more important today than ever and businesses need to get it right. Learn the foundational principles that drive high levels of coworker engagement, talent retention, and extraordinary results.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to build meaning and purpose into your company’s culture design
  • Leverage your company’s core values and beliefs into the behaviors that drive extraordinary performance
  • Learn to utilize the four social norms to inspire your teams to exceed their goals

Learn how your emotional and social skills influence who you are, make or break your career potential, and impact your overall happiness. You’ll use the guiding principles of Mindfulness to reduce stress, keep you centered on the moment, and increase your emotional intelligence.

Key Takeaways

  • Immediate implementation of personal strategies that improve your self-awareness
  • Take away three proven processes to elevate your social awareness and relationship management skills
  • Demystify Mindfulness and give you a set of easy tools to get you living in the moment

Learn how to build a personal and memorable sales leadership brand to differentiate yourself in front of your clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to create a pre-call success process beginning with your mindset
  • Understand how to identify emotional triggers that will allow you to connect with your client
  • Learn how to capitalize on the three most important forms of communication: words, voice, and body language
  • Leave with six powerful persuasion processes that will help you close more sales and engage with your client

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