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Team Development

Investing in a workshop for team members is a major decision for business leaders.

It involves not only the cost of the workshop facilitators but the opportunity cost of taking your key people away from their day-to-day responsibilities. As a 25-year tenured CEO, Jeff has faced that same decision point many times.

For that reason, we’ve designed our workshops to drive both ROI and efficiency in action. Utilizing the latest neuroscientific learning methodologies, all of our workshops align around the same principles:

  • No single session is over 4 hours
  • Adequate time is given between workshops to allow attendees time to implement what they’ve learned to their job
  • Complete engagement is essential. All participants are interviewed prior to attending to ensure alignment around commitments and expectations
  • Post-workshop 90-day implementation plans are created
  • Jeff and Michelle conduct monthly update calls with the leadership team to ensure the attendees are executing on their 90-day plans

Take a look at our current, customizable workshops all of which can be tailored to sales, customer service, executive leadership and more.

The workshops will include:

  • Content delivery and group facilitation
  • Whole group discussions
  • Pairs/group exercise
  • Independent pre- and post-course work
  • Visual aids and handouts
  • Summary of each skill as a quick reference guide

Building a personal brand with intention and purpose is an intrinsic essential today. The workforce landscape is changing rapidly, the internet has revolutionized how we source information about companies, products/services and, yes, people. Whether you like it or not, your reputation depends on it.

In this interactive 2.5-hour workshop, the myths, truths, and facts regarding personal brands are revealed. Together we will explore what a personal brand is, the why behind it, and then take a deeper dive into framing out how to develop a personal brand. Participants will work through a step-by-step guide along with a series of exercises to help define, build, promote, and nurture their personal brands.


The Emotional Intelligence Workshop teaches participants lasting behavioral changes that lead to stronger internal and external business relationships and interpersonal management strategies. Ideal for associates, sales, and management, the highly interactive session deep dives into self-introspection, teaching participants about themselves and how they relate to others. At the end of the session, students walk away with more self-awareness, stronger decision-making strategies, and techniques to improve working relationships.


The Ascending Workshop Series teaches participants to optimize existing strengths and mitigate weaknesses to achieve higher levels of measurable success. Ideal for rising stars in leadership and managers in danger of burning out, the interactive sessions are allocated over a six-month term to give attendees the time to immerse themselves in the learning and put their new skills to the test in their day-to-day responsibilities with the support of both a coach and a cohort. Each participant walks away with a deeper understanding of themselves, how to manage others, and how to turn strategy into action.


Our Becoming Remarkable Workshop series is so much more than a class on standing out from the competition – it’s a guided journey into developing a valuable personal brand. Over the course of 3 weekly sessions, participants learn techniques to maximize authentic inter-personal skills to better communicate with clients and partners and convert connections into measurable sales and partnership equity. By the end of the series, participants will have a deeper understanding of themselves, what they bring to their market, how they can stand out amongst their peers, and how to build a remarkable personal brand.


Casual Friday does not equal company culture. Defining your business’s external and internal identity, your culture is the foundation of your business’s sustainability and future growth. High-Performing Cultures is a fully-immersive workshop series that does a deep examination of your organization’s vision, mission, and values. We then teach you and your leadership team the building blocks to become the architects of a bespoke intentional culture.


Companies and leadership teams benefit from getting away to dedicate their full attention to coming together and planning for the future. Whether you’re arranging a major business shift, realigning goals, or strategizing outcomes, you need an experienced facilitator streamlining the conversation, planning, and implementation. Mariola Unlimited has solutions for brief off-sites, focused retreats, and immersive events to unite your leadership team.


Both emerging companies and well-established ones benefit from taking a deep-dive into how people feel, interact, and talk about your company as a brand. The Brand Immersion Workshop offers a holistic view from inside and outside your company.

By conducting a thorough brand assessment survey of internal and external stakeholders’ insights, we determine the current versus future state. The analysis is shared in the full day workshop where Michelle leads cohorts through a S.W.O.T. evaluation and begin devising strategies/tactics on how we can leverage strengths and opportunities and mitigate weaknesses and threats. As a group, we then strategize where to focus time and resources to tackle both high- and low-effort initiatives delivering a high payoff.


We’re all faced with making choices in our everyday lives to be more productive. More productive with your time, your relationships, your priorities… Let’s face it, today is a paradox of both easier and harder. Easier because we have technology and tools to be the most productive. Harder, though, because we have tools that rule us in many ways. The Achieving Extraordinary Productivity Workshop is based on Stephen Covey’s Five ChoicesTM.

Participants evaluate where they spend most of their time, how to better prioritize, and discern the true level of urgency behind it. At the completion of the workshop, they will have the tools and a methodology that can immediately be applied to jumpstart the path to achieving extraordinary productivity.


The struggle most businesses face is how do you get the most out of meetings or brainstorming sessions where the variety of thinking is both positive and constructive. Edward De Bono captured this in his international bestseller book, Six Thinking Hats. The Put on Your Thinking Hat workshop takes the meaning and research behind the Six Thinking Hats and engages the team to embrace and utilize the hats through fun, interactive role-playing that is both memorable and actionable.

Participants are guaranteed to leave rethinking how they show up in meetings and will have a common language to keep the conversations going in a positive forward direction that will garner clearer thinking, improved communication, and greater creativity.


Learning personal and professional skills are only effective if retained and applied in a consistent, measurable, and sustainable way.

The aim of the workshop series will be to adapt the 5 actionable skills introduced in Shawn Achor’s book, Before Happiness and provide several methods to internalize and exhibit each skill and achieve marked happiness and success.

Through a five-part workshop series, participants will engage in an interactive, informal setting where each of the 5 skills can be reinforced, discussed, evaluated, and applied.


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