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#2020BEYOND is a Millennial-focused leadership program helping companies identify and develop their future leaders today. Participants meet monthly for a full year, to learn the fundamentals of leadership through an interactive and collaborative team-based curriculum.


As nearly half of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2020, it’s an opportune time to begin developing the leaders of tomorrow. The #2020BEYOND program needed to create an identity appealing enough to the C-level suite to get them to enroll their young leaders as well as to engage Millennials’ interest in participating.


Mariola Unlimited was engaged early on in the formation of a leadership program for Millennials. Michelle Mariola worked closely with Bob Berk, Founder & CEO of #2020BEYOND, to capture his vision and translate it into an identifiable and relatable brand. Mariola Unlimited was intimately involved in naming the program, developing brand identity, creating website content and marketing collateral, graduation diploma’s, branded jackets and conducting interviews with both CEOs and members to capture their experiences, with a goal to leverage the information to garner future enrollment.

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