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Perl Mortgage


PERL Mortgage, Inc., is a leading national independent mortgage lender based in Chicago. They provide a full range of mortgage financing products to homeowners and first-time homebuyers. In business for more than 20 years, PERL is licensed in 27 states, with continued growth planned in strategic markets.


Recruitment of loan officers is vital to the success of any mortgage business, and the competition to hire and retain talent is fierce. In order to attract the talent PERL desired, it was necessary for them to create an online presence.


While the initial goal was to create a recruiting website, Michelle worked closely with PERL’s senior management team to first create and define the organization’s vision, mission and core values. This led ISH-Productions next to the creation of the recruiting website, which was designed to be informative, relay the company culture, and highlight the benefits of working at PERL. The website incorporated their brand identity, use of infographics, and video testimonials, along with an easy way for interested talent to contact the PERL recruiting team.

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